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Free SEO Report

Grow your business with our actionable online marketing report.

Get your free actionable SEO Report from the Experts at Your Business Digital. There’s no obligation, we don’t even want your email address.

We built this SEO Report Generator after looking at countless report creators and seeing that they were missing one thing. Truth. You see, many of these report are just lead generators or even cheap software that is marketed to SEO companies to generate leads. The difference with our SEO Report Software is that we’ve built it in house, to cater to your business.

How scoring works

Your SEO report will create three scores. Firstly an overall SEO score, which measures how well you’re doing your SEO. Secondly, a Mobile Friendly Score which will let you know how well your website is optimised for SEO. And lastly, a desktop speed score which tells you how fast your site is.

The Your Business Digital SEO report Software takes your website and takes an in depth look at it. Analysing over 100 variables to determine what it should highlight and show you to change.

We had a tremendous response to the first version of this software, and incredible feedback and constructive criticism. We’ve taken it all on board and have made version 2 with all of it in mind.

The new system is simpler but still lets you go into full detail, with detailed easy-to-understand explanations about many aspects of SEO.

Our exclusive SEO Report Tool can only be found on this website and a few others which we license the software out to. As far as we know, this is the only free SEO Report tool that generates an actionable plan that you can implement yourself, or take to your web developer to improve your SEO and rankings!

We’ve seen that some web developers and even SEO agencies are using our tool to test their clients sites and find out what they need to do. We’re not joking, some SEO agencies are even submitting their own sites! We don’t blame them — this is a powerful tool.

So scroll back up and enter your website, and prepare to get the best SEO report with actionable advice for your business. If it’s too much to handle straight away, you can save it and come back to it when you have time.

We’ve really simplified this version down, yet retained the power that made version 1 so great. So scroll back up, enter your site and click “get my free report” now!

Feedback about the Free SEO Report tool:
Please send your feedback to with the title “SEO Report Feedback”

Very nice Luke! Easy to use and read. Love the explanations of what isn’t working correctly and tips on how to improve. 🙂


Hi Luke
Well it did what you said and both pleases and confused me! Given I’m not an expert there were parts that I glossed over.


The knowledge bases were great. pretty amazing. Thanks Luke. Very detailed and really useful.


Oh this is brilliant! Given we have just launched a new website this was perfectly timed too. I am technologically challenged, so some parts I didn’t understand, but otherwise I loved it! Thanks so much

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